My pug is very, very sad and dry af!

You read that right…big surprise, huh? I don’t know if it’s my algorithms or that whole “what you focus on grows” but it seems as though a whole lot Of people agree with this, especially in Miami! This is my very first post, obviously, but I’m warning you right now that I’m going to be doing a whoooole lot more bitching than not.

Also another warning is that I don’t think that this is going to be very structured, I’m probably gonna be skipping all over the place. Just somewhere for me to come and vent and share my thoughts with whomever can vibe with me. Gotta find more creative outlets because apparently my brain, anxiety and depression don’t think hot gluing random things on pens and painting/drawing is enough. Quite honestly, posting here is stuff I can do whilst I’m on my lunch at work when I need it the most.

Aaahh, lunch time at 10:30 in the morning where I always spiral into a depression afterwards. I work in a hardware store and I absolutely adore my job even if it is retail. I have benefits, a good schedule and opportunities for advancement when I’m ready for it. Not to mention I get my fix with the admiration from the customers and maybe I do a little flirting here and there which is fun when I’m not dwelling on EBA (narcissistic, emotionally abusive, manipulative, lying POS ex that nearly broke me) and the whole shituation with that!

To explain that whole..thing..with EBA I’m just gonna put my list in’s long af.



  • a lot of financial help (mostly in the beginning and all signs point to it being his “ex”’s family’s money)
  • made me laugh
  • same sense of humor
  • nasty, fun sex when it rarely happened (he really put in the work and was super attentive with oral)
  • a lot of consistent attention in the beginning (“Good Morning” texts, making sure I got home safe, etc..)


  • financial help severely dwindled after awhile (when C found out about you and when you decided to have standards and boundaries)
  • couldn’t orgasm with him (almost did but body didn’t let you)
  • emotionally unavailable/abusive
  • stopped communications SEVERELY
  • waaaay up ex’s ass due to financial and litigational ties and god only knows what else
  • racist af
  • homophobic (yet his daughter is married to a woman)
  • EXTENSIVE criminal record (agg. assault third degree felony, violence, theft, obstruction, etc)
  • proudly boasts of his card carrying member of the KKK status
  • has no healthy relationships with ANYONE (including family) in his life
  • no relationship with his Mother or sisters whatsoever
  • refers to his grown children as “bad investments”
  • says he likes dogs better b/c he can abuse the shit out of them and they’ll think it’s love and never leave and never cheat
  • didn’t bother to learn how you touching yourself makes you cum..would have rather tried it his own way and when that didn’t work he insisted “you should have cum by now” even though to most likely cum with him you’d have to be on top and spent more time getting used to each others’ bodies but missionary was his preference
  • thinks money solves the problem of absence of emotional availability and quality time spent together

The Slow Decline

1. Didn’t come to visit for the first time after almost everyday (as per HIS insistence) end of June 2019 when it was still honeymoon phase.

2. Had house fire (that he most likely set for insurance fraud which he had a history of) stopped coming to pick you up from work as much even though it was HIS idea and that you’re the “highlight of his day”.

3. Monday (9/16/2019) week of birthday he “accidentally” blocked you and angrily yelled at you as he picked you up from work that “I’m not picking you up tomorrow!!” Which was day of your birthday. Day OF birthday you didn’t see him AND had to drag a “Happy Birthday” out of him. Next day you guys were supposed to just have a nice ROWDY day and he picks you up in the morning (think it was this day he screamed he was feeling pressured but you thought he meant from something else b/c his life is one big stressful, clusterfuck mess) and he proceeded to tell you you guys couldn’t hang out too long b/c his Son needed help with court stuff (out of nowhere) plus you gave him a custom made cap You ordered for him that day. He DID give you $$ for Walmart but stayed in the truck while you rush-shopped. Yelled at you some more, called you “narcissistic” and said he’d come back for you later after he helped his Son. He called later on to say he can’t come (already figured that out) and that you’d have to “lick your own butthole”. Didn’t come in to have cake with you like 3 days later, no gifts, no flowers (EVER), no sweet words, no special treatment of ANY kind. Could you just like not forget how you had scrape money to go to buy yourself a cake? He only gave you like $150 that whole month plus whatever but he didn’t buy you any gifts or make sure you were OK the day that you did your cake or anything like that

His birthday was about a week before yours and you baked him a fully loaded Oreo cupcake with a candle and sang to him and made him a birthday gift basket with thoughtful gifts ( that he never, ever used or wore..EVER. Not ONE of them) as well. He had thanked you and told you that made him feel very special and then he looked to the ground like he was ashamed but this was BEFORE he shit all over your 41st bday.

4. Keep in mind that while all this is happening his so-called ex-girlfriend, CM, is posting a whole bunch of crap on Facebook/instagram to make it look like they are together and some happy couple and then he bought a dog for her and all that good stuff. 

5. The ONLY time he had his belt undone b/c of his “stomach bloat” when he came to pick you up, you had to yell at a crack whore to fuck off that he was talking to for some reason but then again he’ll chew ANYONE’S ear off that’ll listen or stand within a 2-4 foot radius of his abrasive obnoxiousness. WHY was his belt undone THAT ONE AND ONLY TIME HE CAME TO PICK YOU UP AFTER “TALKING” TO A CRACKWHORE!?! That’s BEFORE his treatment of you got REALLY bad!

6. Red flags that came out of his mouth/actions when you guys FIRST started talking:

“I haven’t stabbed you in the back YET.”

“You’re toxic for me.”(he barely knew you unless you yammered on about more than you can remember)

“I like you b/c you like me.”

“I like you but I like me better.”

“I’m a monster.”

“She’s not a WHORE!” (He pretty much defended C and pretty much calling YOU one at the same time when you were questioning him about the dog park pic/caption she posted.)

“I’m a bad boy but I’m a good man.” 
(He said this a lot..what the hell does he mean by “bad boy” and if someone is a good anything, they shouldn’t have to convince themselves or others so much.)

“I have a dark mind.”

“But I’m hurting you, pumpkin.” (Forgot the context)

“I’m not nice.”

“I’m not recording you or anything.” (FIRST started talking)

“You can be my mom.” (During a phone convo when you said to him you wouldn’t tell him what to do that you weren’t his mom)

“I’m an asshole.”

“I know your type.” (He barely knew me)

“…mentally unraveling.” (More than one occasion)

“I got you when you were vulnerable.”

“Do you know how many pair of tits I bought?”

“I (used to?) get call girls.” (HELLO?!) he also admitted to using their bodies for masturbating, what makes you think HE would think you were any different?

(On 3 separate occasions)
“I like dogs b/c you can treat them like total shit and kick them (he’s done it before) and they’ll think it’s love and never leave or cheat on you.”

“ I want to mold you. I want to fix you.”

“I’m not recording you or anything..”(FIRST first started talking)

“ I block things that bother me.”

Me: you’re manipulative 
Goblin: so are you
See, he didn’t deny it AND he turned it around on you!

“ You don’t wanna make daddy mad, do you?” (In regards to what? You can’t recall AND he referred to himself as that whilst barley even knowing you. But you just loved it as well. Not anymore!!!)

“I’ll be checking your phone/tracking your car (when you got one) when you’re my wife.”

“You’re too emotional. You’re not strong enough.” (i.e. won’t tolerate his bullshit and mistreatment)

“You deserve someone much better than me.” (two separate occasions and I’m sorry but what the hell is that even supposed to mean?)

“Everything I do with you is for a reason.”

“I have (a lot of?) female friends.”(almost like a threat)

“My relationships don’t last.”

“You’re too emotional and you can be controlled like that.” (Thought he was warning you about someone else trying to manipulate and control you which maybe he was but certainly wouldn’t put it past him being the one to do such things at this point)

“I’ll take whatever comes my way.”(couldn’t tell if he was joking with the customer or not, of course the customer was a female even though she was not his type)

“You don’t tell ME what to do, I tell YOU what to do.”

“I (do things) you don’t even KNOW about.”

*Handed you $500 cash “for your friendship” when you guys first started talking and didn’t even kiss/barely touched (If at all) yet. Who else has he done this with whilst possibly with you?

“You have a fatal attraction to me.” He had no reason to say this to you AT ALL not to mention he couldn’t even make you cum, really? Really.

“You take away the food and healthcare and you have control over them.” When talking to my bro about political stuff.

“You have what’s considered a shitty job.”

7. When he came to pick you up from work (Was always very, very happy to see him) and he sat in the parking lot for awhile then came in and told you he had to go help a friend with some curtains (out of nowhere).🙄

8. Another time he came to pick you up and took you home with cleaning stuff and You forgot bike at work and had to go back to get it (he insisted you did it on purpose) and he made you ride it home in the dark with all black on b/c supposedly he couldn’t leave dexter (the dog he got for his “ex) alone any longer. 🙄

9. Told you you have what’s considered a “shitty job” ( DEAD ASS PRAYED for said job and they take VERY good care of you and your schedule is the tits) he once told you “you’re happy when YOU go to work” very resentfully.

10. In the beginning the very, very beginning he winked at that waitress right in front of you while you guys were having breakfast at a restaurant plus he deeply, straight up LEERS at other women right in front of you as well. He also used your bisexuality to objectify them to you.

11. REMEMBER your initial GUT feelings and wariness upon first meeting and talking with him. Remember HOW SICK you got when you first saw the FB post from her of him and his brothers and her caption and everything (you had a whole lot of physical ailments all of a sudden since meeting him). He said YOU ruined HIS Saturday and you got very, very sick at work with dizziness, headache and bit of a stomachache and you had to leave early. You always doubted and had suspicions even in the very, very beginning. Why did he ask to meet your kids when he first met you? Remember how you thought for a very long time that he was a pedo.

12. CONSTANTLY seemed to be filling up EVERY. SINGLE. TINY. hole of time he possibly could with ANYTHING he could such as pets, projects, work, people and GOD only KNOWS what or who else. It’s like he can’t stand to be alone with himself without having to delegate work or try and fix somebody or their problems or something.

13. You HATED the way he French kissed in the beginning and quite frankly it never really got any better.

14. The time he threatened to leave you knowing FULL well you *had* fear of abandonment so you wouldn’t “take advantage of the relationship”.

15. Having a little “fight” over the phone after she posted him and dexter at the dog park and he said like more or less “you don’t even KNOW what (or “the things”) I do”.

16. He PERMEATED toxic masculinity. didn’t he once or twice tell you that he was raised to believe that women were here for his pleasure did you hear that right?

17. Had accused you of having “psychotic episodes” when you wouldn’t text him back in time for no real and tangible reason that warranted as having one of those. Had also said something about having a fatal attraction to him out of nowhere for no reason as well. 

18. Yelled VERY loudly at you to “SHUT THE FUCK UP” in Walmart in front of several ppl for no good reason.

19. “Joked”/made observations about he/she’s one too many times for your taste.

20. Told you when he found out you checked ex girlfriend’s FB that it was reason enough for him to let you go. God forbid you should know who you’re dealing with and if he’s lying or he means what he says if he’s gonna be around your kids and claim to be their step daddy.

21. Don’t forget that when he first started talking to you and was trying to get into your pants that he looked away and stared at Teresa for a very long time when he was still just trying to talk to you. And what about the time you’re sitting in the truck with him when he came to see you when he was staring at the neighbor across the street the whole time you were right next to him?

22. In the VERY VERY beginning he accidentally sent you a pre-typed “let me know when you get home safe” message too early and immediately you thought he was copy/pasting to others and not only that but what kind of business-like bullshit is a pre-typed and scheduled message to someone you supposedly care about and love?

23. Recanted childhood memories of favoritism of his sisters (of whom you were told he no longer communicates with and has expressed subtle rage against) with an air of great resentment.

24. Had occasionally accused you of following him or driving by the house he shares with C even though You don’t have a car. He said that you used an Uber which makes no sense b/c Uber doesn’t do that and who has the time or money to stalk a short, ugly, flaccid and hateful old man who can’t even make you cum? Accused you of having a fatal attraction to him out of nowhere for no reason whatsoever itb and hello, why? See above reasons!

25. Had a supremely strong response to your reaction upon seeing C’s post of him and Dexter at the dog park when they were together and questioned and confronted him. He said that women were weak in every aspect he can even imagine in other words and how men were so much more stronger. He knows the things that you have been through with other men and the lies, deceit, betrayal and other things and then he has the audacity to Shit all over your already fragile emotions that you have a hard time not expressing because you feel them so deeply because you thought you loved somebody.

26. Once asked him what constituted as cheating and he didn’t have any answers to that question. Pretty much said that there was no definition.

27. Named his dog after a fictional serial killer for god sake!

28. He told Kiana right in front of you that he USED to be your boyfriend while still giving you money, coming to visit you and having sex with you. Then he wants to talk about “friends with benefits” after he was saying he wanted to marry you and then he more than adored you for god sake!

29. He had told you that he could never give himself 100% to you verbatim.

30. If you recall correctly didnt he say something about being Catholic and super religious (which is hypocritical because he is racist, homophobic and he’s having premarital sex) Catholic, really?

31. Remember that time he told you to “get the fuck out of the truck” and you remember how you responded? You said “ooooo, you know just how to talk to me”. What kind of bullshit was that? He said he felt bad about it later but did he really? He “jokingly” talked to you in that way at other times.

32. Remember how he responded to you when you said that you were not gonna be mistreated or disrespected? He said if you guys should take a break and then he had the audacity to tell you to “tighten up”! How dare he use “City Girls” on you.

33. He said to you that you remember everything in such a way like it was a bad thing, almost like he was offended.

34. He told you that you haven’t seen the extent of his rage and when you said you didn’t mind and to show you (why did you say that?) he made it seem like it was an absolutely terrorizing thing that cannot even be described with mortal words. You could feel the suppression and disgust with himself at the other end of the phone, the air was thick with it.

35. He caught some guy coming up close on you at work and got really really mad and then said that you were going to be a problem for him and he was probably going to end up in jail because of you. Before that you had a very strong intuitive feeling that he would be the type to blame rape victims.

36. He had pretty much confirmed that his intermittent reinforcements and punishments (your observations) were so you wouldn’t take the relationship for granted. But what about him? He’s the one that shouldn’t take the relationship for granted either.

37. He once told you that he would never hit you but he would probably kick a door or punch a wall. Who’s to say that it eventually wasn’t going to be your face or somewhere on your body?

38. VERY adamant on me loving him “just a little” (never sat right with me). Why? ‘Cuz he knew he would disappoint and disrespect me with his emotional unavailability?

39. That time around October when he came to work to tell you that he wasn’t going to take you home because he was going to his friends house he never even went to and after he left you got the most overwhelming dizzy feeling Youve ever felt like ever. You have never felt it before and you haven’t felt it again and your eyes and won’t cross you couldn’t focus on your vision or any of that for no absolute reason at all.

40. When he (most likely more than once) “joked” about making sure you had your bag and everything in it in case he kicked you out of the truck and you would have to find your own way home.

41. When you wanted to cuddle up on him in the truck while he was driving which he had no problem with before when his mask was firmly in place he more or less dismissed you and used the word “detach”. That very well may be a personal thing on his end but as much as you love to give and receive love, do you honestly think that you could be happy or “mildly content” with someone so emotionally unavailable that it would also make you ugly and riddled with health problems you do not need nor have the time for?

42. Please don’t forget about the time when he was taking you home from work and you asked him to touch on your clit for a little while and he told you “no” claiming he had chemicals on his hand. Remember how that made you feel. 

43. How about when he said to you that you should tell him “no” more often in regards to sex like it’s some kind of game or commodity. Unlike others he’s dealt with as far as you know, you don’t use sex as punishment or reward and just enjoy the connection and pleasure of it. He seems to be one not used to that concept even if he did make you wait for it and referred to it as “making love” but who knows if that was a card he was playing.

44. His exact words to you after the first big fight b/c of his neglect and the New Years post you saw but didn’t say anything but sure he probably knew you knew were:

45. “I’ll never change and neither will you” who tf is HE to say you’ll never change like it’s such a bad thing? He also knows that you were in the midst of a rewiring of a lifetime of a certain belief system, thought patterns and an overhaul of a personality change. Did you witness HIM doing any of those things? *^^read above^^*

46. What’s this shit about me accepting/tolerating his “lifestyle”? WHAT lifestyle? He never DOES anything? Wtf is he hiding?

47. Remember when you guys first started talking he referred to it as an “interview” and that is not a good thing!

48. That time he had told you that you guys had been “together” for over a year or more like he had stuck around and didn’t that count for something? Like HE was doing YOU a favor!

49. Ummmm, did you forget you actually SAID the words “I like to be used” to him and that you were a people pleaser? WTH were you expecting?! Take accountability..a whole ‘nother list in and of itself.

50. What about the time he explained the difference between an open-handed smack and a back-handed one? Even did the gestures and everything.

51. Referred to a co-worker as a “cute black girl” even though he racist af.

52. Can we please venture back to Valentine’s Day of 2020? You texted him first thing in the morning with a sweet “happy Valentine’s Day” message only to have him ignore you for HOURS and to finally respond after you double/triple texted him and HE KNOWS how you feel about Valentine’s Day and what you’ve been through only to replicate the same treatment and behavior as the others. But with him it was waaaayyy worse b/c you had expected more from him after all he said, promised and “did”.

53. “She’s not a WHORE!” He said very strongly in defense of C and a subtle-not-so-subtle jab at you.

54. He uses people for his own personal gain.

(As per his SUPER involvement with C) “it’s not out of love, lust or romance but necessity”. HE 👏USES👏WOMEN!!

55. He never opened the door for you, not even the first time. Never came up to the house to pick you up or drop you off.
refers to his own children as “bad investments”.

Has used prostitutes.

He referred to you as his therapy.

You may have been just fine being used, a people-pleaser, a fixer and/or a band-aid to LV scrotes in the past but you are NO ONE’S pickmeisha doormat ANYMORE or EVER AGAIN!!!

55. Remember the told you the story of when he brought home flowers to somebody and they didn’t like them or they were the wrong kind then it resulted in this big, huge fight where he kicked a dog. He never ever got you flowers and you repeatedly told him which ones you like.

56. Remember what he said (if it’s even true) how his Dad (with whom he claimed he had a horrid and abusive relationship with) was never home and only came around to “dump a load” in his Mom (also estranged from).

57. He “joked” about him trying to have sex with a dog and his mom (having sex with a dog) too but on separate occasions.

58. What about that one time you guys were talking on the phone and he asked you if you ever thought about “getting some strange”. What the fuck is that shit? Projection/telling on himself, probably. Remember, the guilty accuse. Why would he need to get strange when you are WAY down for sex adventures at ANY given time? You. Don’t. Need. Or. Want. That!

59. Even after NC he drives by and just stares at you from the parking lot, can’t even grow balls to come talk to you to your face. When you DO communicate with him he throws the mixed signals, takes credit for your strength, says he doesn’t want to get your hopes but still drives by to watch you.

60. Compares you to a steak with a hole cut in the middle of it as a compliment.

61. Remember that one time that you had mentioned about how he doesn’t really spend much time with you anymore and then he said that he can always find things to keep him busy. He made it sound like he was doing you a favor by spending time with you.

62. Remember he told you he “balled” all his ex wife’s FRIENDS b/c she “balled” all of his!

63. What about when he “jokingly” told you about being involved in a church youth group but had to quit because it was being investigated? Even if he WAS just saying that to see what you would say (especially since he knew you were wary of men around your kids for obvious reasons) it’s still very fucked up.

64. Extreme preoccupation with “he/she’s”.

65. What is with the manipulative ass BS of him asking you what kind of jewelry you like and you give him a variety of a specified type and make then he has the audacity to later on send a pic of a Pandora bag and not tell you what’s in it. You think FOR SURE it’s the necklace you’ve been wanting and thought you couldn’t get yourself since he insisted you guys talked about it at great lengths. So what does he get you? The ugly ass Pandora bracelet you never liked and he kept adding “meaningful” charms to it. Never anything you liked. He KNEW you wanted a gold name plate necklace and got you that instead under false pretenses!

66. You had mentioned one time in the beginning when things were good with him how excited you were that you had him and how the holidays were coming up and then he dismissed it like it was no big deal. 

67. The money thing…he handed you $500 cash when you guys were barely talking. He said that you know he loves you when he gives you money which you don’t agree with. Remember the phone convo with his son? “What do you mean I never threw the ball with you? But I bought you *this*, *this* and *this*.”

68. You guys were still just getting to know each other and he saw writing on your hand and said “you’re cheating on me already?” And I doubt y’all even started kissing yet. So he’s always gonna think that b/c he’s either projecting due to a guilty conscious (which if he were cheating does not in ANY WAY diminish your value or worth and there’s nothing you can do to stop it from happening b/c of his insecurities) or your just that awesome and beautiful he knows it’s a lot of work to keep someone like you interested in him for long or both. Remember when he kept bringing up about how he hoped you didn’t replace him or “bored-of-me” talk which also could have went both ways. What about itbb when he has said to you “you’re the only one that will talk to me”. That right there is a very loaded statement, either he was “settling” for you b/c he took “whatever came his way” and/or he didn’t show you JUST HOW MUCH OF A (self-proclaimed) asshole-trash-monster he is!

69. I’m pretty sure he pulled the “…bleed for 7 days and doesn’t die..” trope. Let’s not also forget when he said to you “I know you think actions speak louder than words..(whatever excuse he came up with)” then proceeded to get even worse in his treatment towards you.

70. When you were in the truck one night on the way home and talking about how he’s slacking (not in so many words) and he said like something about do you think he’s doing it on purpose and that one time where he said like how you told him that you love hard and he took advantage of it, if that’s what you thought and stuff and he may as well have admitted to it all.

71. When he mentioned something about what you were wearing when he was going to meet you at Superwheels and how it was too revealing and the same thing about your tank too you ride bike in. Funny how they were both leopard print…

72. Remember, just re-mem-ber when you were on a nice ROWDY day with him that he got on the phone with one of his “female friends” and proceeded to have a VERY lengthy conversation with her when you, beautiful, awesome and wonderful YOU were riding in the truck right next to him. It had triggered you into absolute tears because of past abuse and mistreatment that you could most likely sense he would perpetuate which he, in fact, did. This was in the beginning, ok? When it was still somewhat shiny and new, for Odin’s sake!

73. Don’t you EVER forget how he made you feel and how he was treating you the day he took you to get your bearings. You were sitting right next to him in the truck very sad and dejected thinking FOR SURE you had to break up with him. 

74. Remember when you friend requested C under an alternate FB? Remember what he said? That he could have left you for just doing that! UGH! Why did he make you feel so insecure about the relationshit that you had to even do that in the first place!?!

75. He told you about how his Dad was so abusive and mean and that he would just come to “pump some cum into” his mom and then leave.

76. When you were talking about how he “used” to be with hookers and you said about him using their bodies to masturbate into and he had agreed.

77. You mayst have said AT LEAST 10 times that you know someone really loves you if they come to derby for you. He kinda did a couple times and even once said that he looked for you at practice in the VERY beginning.

78. When you said about how you were trying to forget about Jorge and he told you “you’re STILL trying to forget about him” which you didn’t think was true then. So yeah, he was projecting?

79. Remember the story he told you about telling his daughter when she was younger the importance of going to college when they were in a fast food restaurant so she didn’t end up like “those people”.

80. On HALLOWEEN DAY, the most sacred of all days to you, not only did you have to twist his arm to come see you for all of 8 minutes in your Wonder Woman glory which he should have moved heaven and earth to be with you on that day but gave you like 7 whole dollars and didn’t even meet up with you later to hand out candy or nothing which you constitute as an act of love. Let’s not forget that even though he claimed to be “rich” he couldn’t be bothered to buy you the sandworm inflatable you REALLY wanted after having shit all over the whole week of your birthday not even 2 weeks prior! AND you had to apply for a payday loan around that same time b/c you were too scared to ask him b/c your intuition was SCREAMING at you but you chose to not listen.

81. How about he picks you up and you see your favorite flowers in the back but it’s his son’s truck and they were for HIS gf!?! How. Many. Times you told him the flowers you like only for him to never EVER get you any but had no problem throwing money around? He could have gotten his secretary to do it for god’s sake!!


1. “Oooo, you know just how to talk to me.”
When he “playfully” told you to “get the fuck out of the truck”.

2. When he got mad at you for checking C’s FB (b/c why tf not?) You were crying and ACTUALLY SAID that you didn’t deserve his good treatment which wasn’t really all that good to begin with.

3. You lamented on how miserable you were at home and hated being there. A lot.

4. You said you didn’t care what he did just don’t make you suffer.

5. You put up with bare minimum like fucking in the truck/fuck motels, fast food instead of nice places, riding around with him to job sites, etc.

6. You continued to entertain him after he told you he lived with an “ex” girlfriend and saw he had to hide out from her when he came to visit you.

7. You made things for him, bought things for for him and cooked or him, why?

8. You told him on your own that you liked attention which I’m sure he didn’t like since he said all that would stop when you “became his wife”.

9. You told him ALL your past and said to him that not only did you love hard (he used this fact against you verbally twice) but that you were also a people pleaser.

10. “I don’t deserve you” you said to him with tears streaming b/c he was upset that you friend requested C under an alternate FB.  


12. You FLAT OUT told him that not only were you a people pleaser but that you also “likes to be used”! 

Some shit you said:

“The less I know, the better.”

“I’m a people pleaser.”

“You know what? Fuck it, I like to be used.”

“I know I’m loved if I get hit.” He never did that even though he MOST DEFINITELY seemed like he would..even told you he had a massively explosive temper.

“I never apologize.”

“You can be a little more mean to me.”

Well, I guess that’s enough for y’all to chew on for now. I’m leaving work and going home to have a sip of cough syrup since I ran out of 🍃🍃 and they canceled roller derby due to the rain today.

Thanks so much for reading of you’ve made it this far and have a wonderful day!